Alpharetta, GA

My Daddy is a great American, Patriot and Christian. At the age of 17 (in 1942),he quit school and a part-time job at the Varsity to enlist in the Navy. After completing boot camp and training he was assigned to the US attack cargo ship USS Bellatrix for a period of 27 months. While in the South Pacific, his ship was involved in 2 Japanese island invasions; 1. Tarawa...where over 3,000 Marines were killed and/or wounded. 2. Saipan ...over 2,000 Marines were killed and 11,000 wounded. During these invasions, he was assigned duty on one of the landing crafts transporting the Marines and their supplies from on board the ship to the islands, many times under enemy fire. During one of the trips, while unloading heavy artillery, they encountered Japanese snipers and he still can recall the sound of the bullets hitting the sides of the landing craft he was in. Taking control of these islands cost the US many lives, and Daddy saw many dead Marines in the water who never had the chance to reach the beach. He was awarded 2 stars for the successful invasions.

Nominated By Pat Hill

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