Kurt Kirby

Kurt Kirby


Kurt is presently deployed as a Chaplain's Asst. in Afghanistan. He is in the National Guard. This is his second tour of duty, the first being in Iraq. He has a wife, Ginny and two children, Carly and Turner. Kurt and his family are patriots because of the perspective they take on Kurt's serving our country. I have never heard any of them complain or make negative comments about his duty to serve. Kurt feels it an honor to protect our country and left the states with that being his goal. His wife is also a patriot-Ginny is a wonderful neighbor and mom. She sees that her children are kept in a consistant routine while Dad is gone and keeps them in communication with Kurt via technology means...she is such a servant when it comes to helping out friends too. She is quick to volunteer to keep other people's children (including mine!) when something comes up that requires such help. She volunteers her time in her church as well..Ginny is just a genuine ACTS OF SERVICE girl! So I want to nominate Kurt Kirby and his family as true patriots...they love people and especially love our country. It is a privilege to know them!

Nominated By Bethany Pridmore

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