Helen Craig

Helen Craig

Cumming, Georgia

Helen Criag is a true Lady Patriot for her country. She is my granny and she has brought all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren up to know and love the lord and our country. She is 80 years old and has survived her husband as well as her three children. Her son, a marine, died in Vietnam and recieved a purple heart for his service to our country. She speaks of American with love and boasts of our nation's heritage proudly. She prays for a revival of our nation and she prays for some of the nonmoral ways of our country today to cease. She wants America to remember that America was built on a Christian Foundation. The Judeo-Christian Ethic is what formed America into the beautiful, strong nation she is. It saddens her heart to see some of the paths our nation has taken but she has not lost hope becuase she knows God is in Control. She still loves and honors our country and knows God will take care of us. Helen reads the Bible daily and loves her time with the Lord. She prays for America daily. She is currently reading the American Patriot's Bible and is about half way complete and she says it is the best book she has every read! My Granny says she is ready to go be with Jesus whenever the Lord is ready to take her, but while she is here on earth she will continue to love him and our country, and live in the way he wants her to.

Nominated By Nevajane Tuggle

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