Joel F. Peters

Joel F. Peters

Orlando, Florida

Joel graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in aerospace engineering and a masters in Electrical Engineering. Joel has always been a high achiever and was part of the team for the F-22 fighter jet working in the national defense industry. He is currently a senior software design engineer for Lockheed Martin in Orlando. Joel and family are strong christians focusing on mission work in Latvia supporting orphans and small start-up churches through their organizaiton, Simple Obedience. He and his wife walk-the-walk and have adopted a son from Latvia. Numerous orphans have been saved, taken away from drugs and prostitution, and given unlimited opportunities here in the United States through Joel and Jen's efforts and God's will. Joel, thank you for spreading our christian faith and your work supporting our country. I'm proud of you and your family. Dad

Nominated By Gordon Peters

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