H. Ray Newman, Sr.

H. Ray Newman, Sr.

Winder, GA

As Specialist in Ethics and Public Affairs, Ray is the advocate (lobbyist) for the Georgia Baptist Convention taking a stand for moral right and righteousness, under "the gold dome". He has testified before committees and sub committees chaired by various Senators and Represemtatives.He has worked with our lawmakers to help prepare bills to be presented to the House and Senate. Some of these include: Woman's Right to Know Bill (abortion); The Human Life Amendment, and the outlawing of embryonic stem cell research. Marriage Amendment (defining marriage between one man and one woman); School Bible Curriculum (selecting the Bible as textbook to be used in classrooms); The sexual exploitation of minors which is part of the Sex Slave Industry in our state (the buying and selling of children as sex slaves) has also been one of the major pieces of legislation he has worked on. He is available to pray and counsel with the members of the General Assembly during the sessions. He meets often with people who are considering running for elective office giving counsel and advice. He is available to the churches of the the Georgia Baptist Convention to make them aware of the issues that are under consideration in the public policy arena. He conducts public policy briefings in churches, associations and for various groups who have interest in the moral issues facing our state and nation.

Nominated By Jeri Fossett

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