Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North USMC (Ret)

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North USMC (Ret)

Philmont, NY

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, "Ollie" as the country and world has come to know him, is a true American Patriot. He served his country in the Vietnam War and is a decorated Combat Veteran. Throughout the Iran-Contra inquisition and subsequent trials, his faith in God and County never waivered. During his ordeal, government officals deserted him but the American people supported him in his time of need. He fought for the truth and perservered under personal attacks on his character, honesty and integrity. Lietenant Colonel North continues to report the truth on the Fox News Network on issues that affect our Country. "Once a Marine Always a Marine" "Semper Fi"

Nominated By LTC Walker D. Williams USA (Ret)

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