David Stevens

David Stevens

Santa Rosa, NM

I want to honor my husband, a father and a proud memeber of our military. As a man he didn't judge me as a young single mother and loved me as well my daughters. He has taken my daughters as his own, and they know no other. He teaches them to walk upright and just. He teaches and exemplifies morals. He shows our daughters what a walk with Jesus is about. Now I have been able to give him a son of his own. It was the best Father's Day present I could give him. Our son was born on Father's Day 2007, and since then my husband has shown a deeper love for all of our children. Our children truly look up to their daddy, I am proud to say that. As a member of the military he strives to uphold our Constitution and would readily fight for our country's protection. He loves this country. As a member of the Coast Guard, he takes pride in his job he defends our country's seas and her people here at home. I hold my head up high when I think about the cause my husband takes up everyday. My husband works hard, loves strong, walks with Christ, and loves his country. He is truly a patriot!

Nominated By Ashley Stevens

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