Wayne D. Leeper

Wayne D. Leeper

Lebanon, Tennessee

Following high school Wayne served four years in the U. S. Navy. He has authored three Bible based books; one on overcoming emotional pain. He has lectured and held seminars on Bible based as well as Patriotic subjects. His patriotic articles have been featured in national magazines and on numerous patriotic websites. Now 70 years old, he continues his weekly Bible class for inmates at the Wilson County Jail, while maintaining his own patriotic website, “A Land Called America.” He has served as an Elder, as well as a minister and teacher, in his church. He is a member of numerous patriotic organizations and serves on the Board of Directors for “The Black Robe Regiment,” an organization named after the clergy who served in the American Revolution. His recent pamphlet, “Once Upon a Time There was A Land Called America,” has sold thousands of copies across the United States. Letters of appreciation have been received from Barbara Bush, John Ashcroft, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, among many others. He is currently organizing “The Gray-Haired Brigade,” a group of senior citizens dedicated to restoring the Christian heritage of our nation. Wayne is indeed an American patriot.

Nominated By Patrice B. Leeper

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