Anthony R. Perez

Anthony R. Perez

Fergus Falls, MN

Anthony R. Perez is one of the kindest, most Godly men I have ever known. He is also my brother. That's why I know he's a true Patriot. He served in the U. S. Army as an officer in Okinawa and later taught high school honors classes until his retirement in El Paso, Texas. One student from his public education years told a reporter she hated Mr. Perez! Yes, this girl dispised my brother and in the El Paso Times she wrote how he gave her a 'zero' on a paper because she didn't put her name on it! In her yearbook she remarked that she was excited to be leaving high school and Mr. Perez, the only teacher to ever give a pop quiz and homework on the first day of class! She also mentioned that as a freshman in college she was the only one in her English class of several hundred students to make an 'A'! He was honored as one of the best teachers of the year by this same student! My brother has alway been true to his calling (even when it meant driving from South Dakota to Texas every six weeks to make sure my elderly mother was doing alright until her passing.) As the youngest of 8 children I guess it was my destiny to get on his nerves at times, but as born again Christians, we are closer than siblings . I love you, Anthony. Your life has honored your faith, your family and all who have had the pleasure of knowing you!

Nominated By Stella Lohmann

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