Vernon S Atwood & Margaret M. Atwood

Vernon S Atwood & Margaret M. Atwood

Chattanooga, TN

On July 13, 1936 at 20 years old Vernon joined the Army and was sent to Ft. Oglethorpe, GA where he became part of the elite Fighting 6th Cavalry. He was sent to Panama in 1937 assigned to the Coastal Artillery Corps. This would be the first of several out of the continental United States duty stations. His distinguished military career encompassed the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II fighting in the European theater, the Battle of the Bulge, the capture of the Ramagen Bridge with the famed 9th Armored Division, the Korean War, and the Cold War. In 1941 he married Margaret McKehan. From then on Margaret followed her man whenever and wherever dependents were allowed to go. She even traveled on a troop train from Chattanooga to Manhattan, Kansas sitting up for three days just so she could be with him. In 1942 Vernon received his lieutenant bars having graduated from Officers Candidate School at Ft. Riley, Kansas. He was awarded his first Bronze Star for heroism in 1945. After 20 years of service, Vernon retired with the rank of Major in January 1957. Our parents were part of that great generation that was patriotic to the core of their beings.

Nominated By Carol Atwood Walker & Stephen F. Atwood

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