Robert G. Burrows

Robert G. Burrows

Albuquerque, NM

Robert G. Burrows is an American Hero! He served for 22 years in military service and an additional twenty plus years as a civil servant with the Department of the Navy. His service included thankless missions in Vietnam during the 1960s. He was an Air Force and Navel Flight Officer flying several aircraft, F-86, F-100, C-121, C-130, P-2 and P-3. He was instrumental in establishing the satellite tracking system in the early space age. He is one of the many people that quietly kept our country safe during the Cold War by tracking and watching Soviet Block submarines. As a civil servant, he continued to watch over the safety of our nuclear weapons. He is a devoted husband and leader. He has instilled in his children the highest standards of ethics and integrity. He loves his country and family and has sacrificed for them his entire life. He is an American Hero!

Nominated By Robert E. Burrows

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